In this blog post, we are continuing our home-decluttering series. Bedrooms can be a tricky place to declutter because each member of the home has a different way of occupying their spaces. For that reason, we want to help you have a method that can translate to everyone in your home.

In the bedroom, clutter seems to center around storage areas, such as closets, drawers and nightstands. So let us start there. 

Start with your dressers, wardrobes and closets. Removing non-seasonal clothing that you have not worn in more than six months and no longer fit, is the best method to begin. Sell or donate pieces that are still in good condition.

Once you have completed the step of removing unnecessary items, organize your drawers by function. Categories can include: undergarments, activewear, t-shirts, etc.

Then, depending on your bedroom, consider purchasing a hanging storange unit or floor shelf for shoes.

Separate anything that should go to the cleaner or a tailor. Finally, remembering the bin method, remove everything in the room that belongs elsewhere in Bin #1 to deliver to its proper place.

Now you have completed a bedroom clean out! Make it a family affair and you will be done in no time! Stay tuned next week for tips on decluttering your living room.

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