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Bridge Realty was Founded as a brokerage designed with the client in mind! Whether you are buying or selling you deserve to be treated as a priority and not just another number. Our Realtors are carefully selected with you in mind. Our Mission Statement truly says it all. 

"We Bridge the gap between buyers and sellers!"- Robert Barben

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Family-friendly, peaceful and quiet or vibrant and full of life? It’s your call. We’ll help you discover the neighborhood most suitable for you. 

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Our customers’ satisfaction is always our top priority. See what it really means to buy or sell with us.

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We love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Read some of our latest blog posts and become an aware buyer or a confident seller.

Some people are under the mistaken impression that you must have good (or even great) credit in order to buy a house. That’s truly not the case — there are plenty of opportunities for people with poor credit to start on the journey toward homeownership and end…
Starting any new marketing strategy as a real estate agent can be daunting, and although it’s one of the most successful ways to reach out to and stay in touch with clients, email marketing can appear to be one of the most challenging. It’s almost infinitely…
When your job is heavily tilted toward customer service, you know that you have to deal with all kinds of people -- and you aren't going to like all of them. That's just part of life! But there's a difference between having a slight personality clash with a client or…